Sex differences in chronic stress effects on cognitive function and brain neurochemistry

Victoria N. Luine, Kevin Beck, Rachel Bowman, Meredith Kneavel

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Stress, depending on its intensity and duration, can enhance or impair cognitive functions in animals and humans. In rats, short periods of daily restraint stress (2 weeks) enhance performance of a spatial memory task (radial arm maze) while longer periods of daily restraint stress (21 days) impair radial arm maze performance and performance of other spatial memory tasks like the water maze, Barnes maze, and Y-maze.

Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publicationNeuroplasticity, Development, and Steroid Hormone Action
PublisherCRC Press
Number of pages14
ISBN (Electronic)9781420041194
ISBN (Print)084930962X, 9780849309625
StatePublished - Jan 1 2001
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