Surface acoustic waves in ZnO/Al xGa 1-xN/C-Al 2O 3 structures

Ying Chen, N. W. Emanetoglu, Yimin Chen, G. Saraf, Y. Lu, A. Parekh, V. Merai, M. Prophristic, D. Lu, D. S. Lee, E. A. Armour

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Piezoelectric AIN and ternary Al xGa 1-xN thin films deposited on (0001) C-plane sapphire substrates are attractive for low-loss and high frequency surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices. However, growth of epitaxial quality AlN films is difficult due to strong parasitic gas phase reactions between precursors. On the other hand, ZnO is a well-known piezoelectric material with high electromechanical coupling coefficients. Furthermore, high quality epitaxial ZnO films can be grown at temperatures hundreds of degrees lower than AlN. By depositing piezoelectric ZnO and AlN multilayer structures on C-plane sapphire substrates, large coupling coefficient and high SAW velocity can be obtained. In this work, ZnO/Al xGa 1-xN multilayer structures were epitaxially grown on C-plane sapphire substrates by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). SAW devices were fabricated and tested, which exhibited good agreement between theoretical and experimental results. The SAW velocity and coupling coefficients of the ZnO/ Al xGa 1-xN(0≤x≤1)/C-Al 2O 3 multilayer systems are analyzed as a function of the Al mole percentage, x in Al xGa 1-xN, and of the ZnO (h 1) to Al xGa 1-xN (h 2) thickness ratio. It has been found that the hf region where the coupling coefficient is close to k 2 max broadens with increasing Al content, while k 2 max decreases slightly. When the thickness ratio h 1/h 2 is 0.5, a wide hf region where coupling is close to k 2 max is obtained.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2130-2133
Number of pages4
JournalProceedings of the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium
StatePublished - 2003
Event2003 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium - Proceedings - Honolulu, HI, United States
Duration: Oct 5 2003Oct 8 2003

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