Survey of American photography

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In the preface to the second edition of An American Century of Photography, Keith Davis terms the history of photography in the United States a ‘vibrant profusion of voices’. For this significantly expanded volume, which surveys US photography from the 1880s to the present, Davis crafts a rich investigation into complexly interwoven themes, theories and strategies. The author has the benefit of drawing upon the truly remarkable Hallmark Photographic Collection, an archive Davis is largely responsible for building, having served as its curator for more than two decades. In the book, as in the collection, Davis expands our understanding of US photography, by including not only the work of artists with established reputations but also lesser known, but historically significant, photographers. Similarly, throughout the book, Davis presents carefully selected images in which technique, content and context converge to illustrate (his) astute observations about the development of photography in the United States. Opening each chronologically arranged chapter with a broad historical introduction, Davis structures his study within a larger cultural framework, integrating narrative history with formal and social analysis, while deftly focusing on individual photographers and particular photographs.

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